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Excellent patient care with sigma six documentation for all Clinical Trials.

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Welcome to SWH Research!

Southwest Houston Research, LTD. is an independent research site with an experienced staff, offering excellent first-class health care to its patients while providing sigma six documentation for all Clinical Trials, Sponsors, CROs, and Central IRBs. Our definition of Sigma Six is a client based approach realizing that incompetence is expensive. Therefore excellent patient care and little or no mistakes mean fewer data capturing errors and sponsor satisfaction. We are committed in researching new or improving existing treatment therapies for the prevention, treatment, or cure of chronic diseases.

Mission Statement and Standards

Our goal is to provide first-class health care to our patients while conducting clinical trials at the highest standards of performance.

If you want a site that knows what they are doing and will get the job done, feel free to contact us today. We are confident that you won't be disappointed.

We have very high standards to facilitate our goal:

  • budgets and contracts submitted within 1 week
  • rapid turn-around time for IRB approval
  • impeccable maintenance of regulatory documents
  • strict adherence to clinical practice guidelines
  • strict adherence to protocol execution
  • effective pre-screening via database and chart reviews
  • effective recruitment and retention plan
  • accurate, prompt, legible completion of CRFs and data clarification forms
  • operating within budget
  • continue to meet timelines and milestones set by the sponsors
  • sponsor and CRO recognition
  • our patient priority policy- The patient comes first always.


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